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Updated: 8th September 2005

The woods where Wallace hid ...


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September 2005


After I saw Braveheart, I had this obsession. I started to watch the movie like 4 or 5 times each day and sometimes I would cry, most of the time I would just study the movie and the scenes of the mountains and listen to the way Scottish people talk and I was really getting into the whole William Wallace thing and one night, me, my mother, brother, and a family friend stayed up in our living room for about 3 hours talking about religion and beliefs, mostly about reincarnation, well our family friend who is David was saying that some people come back as different people, like in your next life you could be a skinny, tall, beautiful broad and in the next life, you could come back as a fish or anybody... well, I started to think and I said well, since we all come back then that means when I die, there is no heaven and I will not ever get to meet William Wallace, so I cried, and this was so painful for me at the time because I got so into it and I had a bad obsession and this was somebody who died about 700 years ago, way before my time, and really, there isn't much history on Wallace and I didn't even cry that much at my own grandfather's funeral so I was so upset and hurt over somebody I never even met, wasn't even born in my country and was a whole different heritage. I don't know if there is reincarnation, but really if you ask me, there is a heaven and you get to meet all your loved ones. What I am trying to say is that, Braveheart is so inspiring and real and so heart-touching that it made me cry over somebody I didn't even know, didn't know anything about really, don't even know why I feel like I have a connection with,  but I do and its a great  feeling, even now, 2 years down the line, I watch the movie, I weep and when I hear the song used for the movie, I feel so touched and I weep. It makes you wanna get up and fight for what you believe in. William Wallace fought for what he believed in and he made it come true, now if you have a dream, you gotta work at it until you get to where you want it, or go all the way. Wallace went all the way and gave his life. When I have a dream, I think of Wallace and all he did for so many people and how strong he was. That was his dream and he made it, well when you get in a spot where you wanna give up or it's to hard, then think of Wallace and what happened and who he is today. He's a legend, a hero, and a believer. Braveheart is anybody's movie who wants to be inspired. Mel Gibson has become my favourite actor. I love the movie and it's so unforgettable....


Steven Pounder

September 2005


Hi, I'm from England and not proud of what my country has done in the past. I love the film and I think it tells the truth, and to me confirms what a horrible country England is - Scotland the Brave and a super site.
Mary Kelly

 September 2005


I have seen Braveheart once and that was quite enough. I could not believe that such a distortion of history could be taken seriously.  The sentiment behind it is racist, I should say anti-English, and it is a crime against the English nation.  How sad that so many easily-influenced American teenagers, not to mention other foreigners, actually believe this drivel.
The film seeks to demonise the English while presenting the Scots as saints.  This is very far removed from the truth. With regard to Scotland, the Scots had been attacking English towns, burning, raping and murdering, for centuries. These attacks were largely the result of greed and the famous Scottish lust for violence.  The Romans wisely built a wall to keep them out.  Since 1603 the Scots have lived off England like parasites yet are still constantly moaning about their alleged loss of freedom. The Scots  wanted to sign the Act of Union and the English have quite literally paid for it since. 
Independence for Scotland?  I think you mean independence for England! I know of no-one in England who sees any advantage in any form of union with Scotland as the greedy Scots are constantly demanding more for themselves. As for freedom, it is England that is shackled to Scotland and I sincerely hope that one day England will be rid of Scotland. It is without doubt one of the bleakest and most miserable countries I have ever laid eyes on. One thing I will say for the Scots - they are well-balanced, they have a chip on both shoulders.
English people are becoming increasingly aware of the inequality between the two countries. Unlike Scotland, England has no parliament, Scottish MPs sit in on matters that purely affect England whilst the reverse is not the case.  The English taxpayer receives 23% less per capita than the Scots. We are absolutely sick of you Scots and your constant whingeing and you have little understanding of the hatred that is growing in England for Scots.  How wonderful it would be if a geological fault would develop on the northern side of Hadrian's Wall and send Scotland floating off into the frozen wastes for ever!  How much wealthier the suffering English civilian would be!
The spreading of racist propaganda, in the form of a film such as Braveheart, is despicable.  It incites hatred with its lies, and that is its prime motive.  It makes heroes out of cruel, savage people.  I have never heard the English praise the savagery of Edward I and for the Scots to delight in the murderous cruelty of Wallace is simply further evidence of the myth that man is a civilized animal.
You should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting the appalling Braveheart.  Given Gibson's track record for delighting in violence, I think it is typical of him that he should be involved in such a masterpiece of cheap savagery. There is a poem entitled "The Mills Of God" which I think applies to this type of fanaticism.  Violence breeds violence.  You should be ashamed of yourselves for producing this sick website. there is enough evil in the world today without Braveheart adding to it.

Joe Drummer

August 2005


    I love the Movie, as do the rest of you.  It has always appealed to  me, a man following just what is right rather than selfishness.  It is very symbolic of what many of us want and try to be.
    However, it should be pointed out that the majority of this movie is just that, a movie.  William Wallace and his army of Scots taking out the city of York, is just a lie in the movie to help portray the king of England being scared of the Scots.  The movie even suggests that they could INVADE England successfully.  That is not true at all.  This movie is an exaggeration of events.  It is an extreme exaggeration of events.
    Credit it with being a great!!! Movie.  But that's it.
    This movie should not be taken as a history lesson.  Just a lesson in film production.
    Also, that picture of the statue you have posted.  Is that a statue of William Wallace?
Thanks. Great site.



Ian Taylor

October 2004


I have watched Braveheart countless times as has my 10 year-old son, and even though I am a proud patriotic Scotsman (from Aberdeen) I am not biased when I say this is by far the best film I have ever seen. Your site is great and I enjoy reading the many messages left from people all over the world. I hope you'll keep up the good work for many years to come and thank you for the work you have so far done.




Robert Altieri

 March 2004


The History Channel is at this moment running the story of the making of Braveheart. It was so fascinating that by searching first for Blind Harry and Wallace I eventually arrived at your website. Thank you for all your efforts.

My family came from Italy at the turn of the century. Thru the efforts of my brother's research, we have also reached long lost relatives and knowledge of memorable ancestors.

Currently, Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ movie is causing a fury thru out America. It appears that the Hollywood elite are disappointed that Gibson's current epic has stolen all the thunder from the Academy Awards. Mel Gibson has secured a warm place in our hearts.

Continued success in your work.

Robert Altieri

Simi Valley, California



KG Poag

 March 2004


I never really had any knowledge of William Wallace except for the BraveHeart film.  That was until my college professor gave us a list of choices of famous men and women whose lives had been portrayed on film.  I choose William Wallace because I liked the movie.  After doing much research into the life and death of Wallace I developed a deep respect for the man.  I found his life to be an inspiring moment in history.
Thanks for the valuable info and keep it coming




 February 2004


I'm 18, and I first saw Braveheart a few years ago, I LOVED IT!!! Since, I have gotten and worn kilts almost everywhere, studied my Scottish family history, and I'm finally going to Scotland this summer, and seeing the Wallace monument!

I am a Christian, and Braveheart has special meaning for me. A Christian man .... most think of such as a mild, sweet gentleman that quietly serves and pacifies ... NOT SO! That is what misinterpretation has led us to .... but in Braveheart, in that portrayal of William Wallace, I see what every man was born to want to be ... a man of God, free and in full glory of that freedom.

Wallace knew no compromise, he FOUGHT for his enslaved brothers and sisters, never fearing, never backing down to pacify the nobles. William Wallace followed his heart, and a great heart it was ... and ultimately died for the freedom he sought. He inspired people; his single, fully LIVED life inspires me every time I see that movie .... I was honored when one of my Christian friends, after I'd helped him, said he saw some of Wallace in me ... How many of you want to hear that?! It blew me away!

Living from the heart, like Wallace did .... that is what God intended for us. To take up the sword, and charge the fields of Bannockburn. Every hero of the bible lived like that, especially Jesus. He never listened to the nobles, He never gave in, He fought to free others from sin ... and He was killed for it, but not in vain. He rose again, and His armies are still freeing the sons in servile chains.



Nanci D. Lucey

 February 2004


                  Wednesday, Feb.20,2004

         First of all, I just now found your site and I think it's wonderful!! I've been a big fan of "Braveheart" since it first came out.
That film mesmerized me right from the first time I saw it. There is
just something about it, the music, cinematography, the acting... I
don't know, I guess it's the overall feel I get when I see it. It
touches something within me that I can't explain and that feeling goes very deep. I was so taken up after watching it a few times after it first came out, it led me on a quest of Celtic History and studies which I'm still doing today. "Braveheart" is the type of movie that will never age or go out of style. It will simply live forever. It's already a
timeless classic.
Just think, next May, it will be 10 yrs. old (2005), but every time I see
it, it's as if it just came out yesterday. So many thanks to you for
this great site so I could say here just how I felt, a hundred thanks to
Mel Gibson for his eloquence in his direction and his acting in
"Braveheart", and never-ending thanks to William Wallace for just being who he was.


                          Nanci D. Lucey




Shellie Carelyn O'Kelley

 February 2004


    Brave Heart was the best movie ever made. Not only because it was based on William Wallace but, It had great scenery, It was funny at parts & it always makes me cry, especially at the end. William Wallace is my Hero & I know I am not Scottish & I've never really been interested in any history before besides Wallace History.

Dear Linda & John,
  I know I dont know you but I think your website is great because like you said, Brave Heart did awaken the spirit &  so did you. That's why I have been writing you. I hope you will remember me & put this email out on your page. I have started a group called Wallacecomehome Group & there have been several Teenagers wanting to join. We meet every Monday &  Friday to learn about William Wallace. I know everyone is not obsessed by the history of Wallace but, I still try. I wish  that everybody could know about the man. The Truth or as much as they know about William Wallace is fascinating. I think its a lovely History story & it touched my heart. Sometimes I even cry in happy tears when I think of  the History. I know I may look crazy writing you because I am not Scottish but, I just feel very happy of the fact of who William Wallace was & that makes me happy. Like whenever I think of Wallace history & I'm fighting with my parents then I put the  movie Brave Heart on. I also come & look at your website, When I opened your website & heard that absolutely wonderful song playing I almost cried. I don't know why I always cry over those songs or the articles that have been out on the internet about Wallace History but this one made me cry. Please, Keep doing what your doing because you can always depend on me. Ill help keep the Spirit alive.

Shellie Carelyn O'kelley

Never forget the Stories of William Wallace because he fought for what he believed in until the very end & he got his Freedom, I think all good people should have Freedom & all good people should do what's right, even if you're standing alone.



John Biggs

 Octoner  2003


i have just discovered you Braveheart site. It is good to see that there are still people dedicated to keeping the memory of ancient Scotland and her peoples alive.




Bob Wallace

 Octoner  2003


Dear John and Linda,
My name is Robert M. Wallace and I wanted  to email you  to let you know just how much I appreciate and love your web site, on the most beautiful and poignant biography ever brought to the motion picture archives. I am immeasurably proud and feel blessed to be of Scottish heritage!!!
I was in secondary school when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, so you can determine my age ... and I remember my Grandmother telling me how my Grandfather had researched his genealogy and traced his line back to the Highlands of Scotland.   I remember Randall Wallace saying  on a History Channel special, that those who can do just that, most likely could be of Sir William's bloodline. At any rate, I strongly feel within me, as DOES Randall,  Williams' blood flowing through every fibre of my being!!! 
To me, "Braveheart" is absolutely the most beautiful and the richest tapestry of history ever filmed ... God Bless Randall Wallace for creating the screenplay, God Bless Alan Ladd Jr. for taking that same screenplay to Paramount with him, and most especially may God Bless Mel Gibson for believing in Randall's  beautiful creation enough to not only help bring William's spirit to life, but to also put an enormous amount of his own money to help back the monumental undertaking!!! Lastly, John and Linda -- God Bless you both also for your exquisitely designed web site ... I know beyond a shadow of doubt that it was a true labour of LOVE for you both to create this lasting and special tribute to William -- whose only desire, his life's mission, was to make certain his fellow country-men were free and his beloved Scotland was untouched by greedy and maniacal English marauders!!!   
Thank you for taking the time to hear me out, and know that this is the very first time I have ever responded to  a web site by email; but I felt compelled to for no other historical figure has stirred my soul and touched my life as significantly or as ethically as William -- whether it is revealed one day after this sojourn on Earth -- that either I am or am not of his bloodline. It matters only that for me, no other has affected me as he, and I'm certain he will have his eternal reward in Heaven for his unconditional love of his country and fellow man.  Again thanks and may God Bless you and yours, especially at this Holiday Season about to come our way soon!!!       
Most Warmly,
Robert M. Wallace
Hemet, California, U.S.A.



Andrew Kaye

 September  2003


Yes, I was glad someone had finally made a movie about William Wallace. I must confess that I felt it was not necessary to misrepresent the real story so badly. There was not even a bridge at the "battle of Stirling bridge" and the fracturing of so many other aspects of the hero's life made it, overall, a disservice to Sir William. A careful reading of the actual historical events surrounding his life would have been a much better story line ... Hollywood does it again ... many children will grow up not knowing the facts...

Andrew Kaye

[ An alternative viewpoint is that Randall Wallace, the Braveheart screenwriter, did an enormous service to the study and teaching of Scottish history by locating a copy of Blind Harry's 'Wallace', an all-but-forgotten text, and using it as the basis for the story in the movie. He thereby exposed the breathtaking inadquacy of the way information about Wallace and the Wars of Independence (and Scottish history in general) had been communicated to pupils and students in Scotland up until 1995. Post-Braveheart a whole industry has grown up churning out books on Scottish history and culture, and it is much easier now to find out 'the facts' than it was previously. J&L ]


David Barrett

 January  2003


So many times have I seen the film, and yet, it still inspires me. I'm Scottish through and through but now live in england. You'll notice that england doesn't have a capital E, as I think it doesn't deserve it. It's 1st January 2003 and I'm sitting here writing this. I've found your Web site by accident, but what an accident. My best friend lives in Stirling and every morning wakes up to the Monument of William Wallace from his bedroom window. How lucky can one man be.
I live in england, but so lonnnning, for Scotland. I Can't really put into words what Braveheart the film really meant to me except that I Love Scotland and always will till the day I die. I'd love to return to Scotland, but unfortunately I have a family who were born in england. Maybe one day. However, Scotland will always run from head to toe. You've heard the saying!, you can take the Boy out of Scotland, but you'll never take Scotland out the boy. Never a truer word spoken..

 Scotland The Brave



Tim from Russia

   December 2002


Dear John and Linda,
Ciamar a tha Thu? (as I know - it's Scottish Gaelic "How are You?").
My name is Tim (Russian - Tima, Timofey), I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm a vice-chieftain of international affairs of Saint-Petersburg Scottish Society (history club) "Alba go bragh" ("Scotland Forever/ Scotland forever with me")
I have found You MacBraveHeart page just now and I think that it's great.
You see, I LOVE Scotland, Scottish culture and history, and - of course - I love Sir William (thus - with no doubts -my favourite film - "The BraveHeart"), so I think I really must write to you.
Do You have any friends in Russia? Now You may answer "Yes" (I talk to you about me and my friends from Scottish Society) : ) .
If you want to contact with me, please, write to me. I can tell you about our society (with photos, becouse we organise re-enactments) or send you my translations of Robert Burns to Russia (I understand that you don't know Russian) but your site's visitors from Russia would like it). Also I know several Russian songs (but in the English language) about Wallace, Bruce and Scotland.
I hope, You'll be interested by my letter and answer.
Oidhche mhath (Good night - it's night in Petersburg now and evening in Edinburgh)
Yours Sincerely
P.S.: I'm sorry for my bad English, I hope it didn't offend you.
P.P.S.: I have forgotten one thing: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Fernando Bryk

 December 2002


Hello Anderson, heres Fernando Bryk, a Brazilian man who loves the medieval history and "Brave Heart".

Im used to accessing your site about the movie and William's life. Ive done it for a long time, maybe 6 months. I like to listen that music of the site (brave heart sad theme). After having accessed your site many times, I decided to send an email talking about me and giving congratulations to you, since you help keep alive the story of Brave Heart and show us a bit about medieval History.



Joey Ong Chee Zan

 December 2002


My name is Joey and I am from Singapore and I just want to tell you and all the other BraveHearters out there that there are also many BraveHearters in Singapore who are inspired by the movie and share in the passion, determination and strength of Sir William Wallace.
Although we were not able to attend the Braveheart conventions held, I am pretty sure it was a very enriching and inspirational experience. I hope there will be such BraveHeart activities being held all over the world, including Singapore, to spread the notion of determination, strength, self-belief and passion to every kid and adult all over the world.
All the best to you Bravehearters out there! 
"Your heart is free. Have the Courage to follow it."
Yours truly,
Joey Ong Chee Zan



Ken from China

 December 2002


I am a Chinese young man who is very interested in history of Scotland! I watched Braveheart 3 years ago, and even watch it every week! Although I have found many small mistakes in this film, I still like it because it has made me read many books about Scotland and Wallace! I wonder if I could go to Scotland to call on my hero and brave Scottish people! 
Thanks a lot for maintaining this page which I tried my best to find!   Thank you!!                            Ken



Cindy Anderson

 October 2002


John and Linda,
I am traversing your website. I am a loyal Braveheart fan too and have always wanted to "thank someone" for doing this film. There was so much heart and soul in it and that was felt, which was why it was such a good movie. I didn't expect less from Mel Gibson who has made some inspiring films of late. His faith and his belief system is woven all through some of his films and this was one of them.
I too am an Anderson, by marriage, and none of my sons (I have five) is a Duncan but my loyal sheltie is DunKen Kendal Anderson. (Dun-hill Ken-of knowing)
I am off now to assess the rest of your site, which I have bookmarked .......

Just as an aside....not getting into the pro and con debate of the merits of the movie as such, Braveheart awakened me to the fact that there IS a Scotland. The whole of my life I believed the whole of the island was England. I have English roots, strong ones but also going back into Scotland, which I didn't know about until doing some research on my family lines. I'm not necessarily proud of every thing that has happened in either country as history was made but nevertheless I have pride in my background which is filled with honorable people, living their lives the best way they knew how. America was born and raised in the same way. There are less than honorable happenings in it's birth and growth but it is still a great nation. We, as individuals, are responsible for the direction we take and for our own actions and we, as a people, make the whole. William Wallace lived in HIS day, very different from ours, but he was what he was, a freedom fighter with the values and passions of his time....... history was made and history marches on.  

Cindy Anderson-USA



Rebecca Grant

 September 2002


My name is Rebecca Grant and I live in Peterhead.
I have a white Russian dwarf hamster and I have called it BRAVEHEART in honour of the great William Wallace.
He is very brave indeed he has escaped 2 times.
I have a poster of BRAVEHEART on my wall.




Firat Diker

July 2002


William Wallace is secret hero in the world.




July 2002


My name is Marie.
Mel Gibson is a dish, but how can any women not fall in love with the real William Wallace.  He has stolen my heart and soul, what a brave, heroic young man, willing to give his own life for his beliefs and freedom for Scotland.  I have watched the film and read his biography (William Wallace - Brave Heart by James Mackay). I am English, and watching the film disgusts me to think how barbaric the English where at that time. No one one will convince me that William Wallace was a bad man, and as far as I am concerned, the English got what they deserved. I give homage to Sir William  Wallace.




'William' from Finland

June 2002

It has been a long time now since I saw Braveheart for the first time. It just got me ... The music is so beautiful and the movie feels so real. It gives me so much strength. And somehow it helps me remember my own country's history. Finland is a small country too and we fought against Russia with the same strength and belief as did Scots in the movie.
Whenever I am sad or down for other reasons I watch Braveheart and a strange pride and happiness comes to me, even if it's not my country's tale. The movie has taught me to feel proud for my beliefs and reasons, and the music of the movie takes me every time into the scenes in the movie where I really want to be ... Fighting for freedom!
"William" from Finland



Jason Kirk

June 2002
My grandfather is from Scotland I am a Kirk, my mother is a Buchanan. I think Braveheart was a fantastic movie. I think so many cultures in the world have held on to their identity like the Greeks, Italians and so on, finally so can we.  I find it ironic that it is suddenly cool to have Celtic history. I do, but what annoys me is people who claim to, but don't have any more Celtic blood in them then Mohammed Ali.  You guys are doing a great job though, keep it up.  I am at uni at present and am learning to speak Gaelic in my spare time.
I just hope that Scotland can get its independence in the next few years, either way I think it will happen whether the poms like it or not.
P.S Great web page
Thanks Jason Kirk  :)






June 2002

Was looking for a recipe for bannocks, but decided instead to read yet another account of the battle of Bannockburn!!!
Just came back from Scotland.  You are hearing from an empty shell, a body with no heart and soul, for I left both in Scotland!!!
I did get to see Bruce's last resting place, and I did see where Wallace's mother is purported to be buried, and I saw the Wallace statue from afar.  I will be back in Scotland next year!
After reading Nigel Tranter's books, the Bruce Trilogy and The Wallace, I saw Braveheart again.  I loved it, but so many liberties were taken with history that I was left with so many doubts.  Yes, it is inspiring for sure, and this second time I was truly devastated by the scene of Wallace's torture and death.....
I also visited Culloden Field.  That was truly very sobering and I hated the commercialism;  and I was with a Gaelic speaking friend who did not like that none of the signs had Gaelic explanations, but everything was in English and other languages. 
Well, I am glad to have found your website.  Please let me know if you are to gather in Scotland again.  I did not go to Stirling or to Edinburgh; that will be for the next time.
Tir gun chanan, tir gun anam






May 2002
A pleasure to log on ...

To whoever reads this first. I have to say I very much like this new setting for my favourite website ever. I have frequently visited this website many times as, like you, I am a very big fan of Braveheart.

This little memo is just to say how good I think your website is.
Keep up the good work.
                      Many regards,





Dave Millar

May 2002

My name is Dave Millar. Formerly a resident of Edinburgh, I am also a very PATRIOTIC SCOT and a keen wearer of the belted plaid.

My plaid is of course the BRAVEHEART tartan and I have worn it on numerous occasions: the day the MSPs were sworn in at the new parliament (to which a picture of just my plaid was used on the Braveheart Politics webpage), also on the opening day itself, the anniversary of BannockBurn, Culloden, Glen Finnan to name but a few. I have worn my plaid over here (Florida) a few times to a mixed response, but most of the time the people are very curious as to what it is all about, and I am only too happy to explain it's purpose and history. I still enjoy watching Braveheart on DVD at every opportunity and will never tire of it's passion and glory. If you would like to e-mail me I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for keeping the spirit of Scotland and it's history alive.
All the best,
Dave Millar.





Stephen Murtagh

May 2002

I think you are totally right in saying this is the best film ever. I've watched it about twenty times!! Most of the film was shot in my father's village in Trim, Ireland, around King John's Castle, which they restored brilliantly to make it look like York. My good friend Noel Farrel who is a folk singer, plays a part in the film at the end, he is the one who spits in Mel Gibson's face as he is led to his execution. A lot of the women in the village hated him for it.
Its very strange walking around the castle today, having seen what it looked like in the film. The part of the film where Mel crosses the river to see his lover ... I plan to have a picnic there this June with my girlfriend. It's a lovely part of the country. There is a small museum in the village which tells the story about the making of the film and how a lot of the village people were used as extras. My aunt's factory was used for the love scenes, and nearby Bective Abbey was used a lot in the film.
Steve M


Pablo Ferrari

May 2002


II'm from Argentina. I just wanted to congratulate your efforts to keep this odyssey in the front of the best movie ever, the only movie in my life that broke me into tears inside a theatre. My father also was killed by the English army during the Islas Malvinas ( Falklands war ) and I had a very intense identification with Sir William Wallace who I admired as a role model in my growing up. I wanted to say thanks for keeping the spirit of patriotism and warfare against all forms of alien invasion of our lands and family. Please answer this. I'm not a Scot, in fact my family is from Italian ancestors, but there is common place for dignity and honour that this movie has brought in time to the forefront of public conciousness.
Love it forever.
Love and thank you people.


Ahmad Abdin

May 2002

Hi there
I've watched Braveheart more than 10 times, and am willing to watch it more. It tells our story here in Palestine, where for more than 100 years now we are under occupation and having our struggle with the occupation daily. William Wallace is a great man who resembles our great brave hearted freedom fighters that are fighting the Israeli occupation now. Many of our people are being killed every day because they all scream:


every day.

Thanks to all who participated in that movie and a big respect for all who fought and fights for their freedom and their peoples.

a brave heart freedom fighter from Palestine


April 2002

I am a huge Braveheart fan. I love the site. I had no clue that this movie was still so popular. I thought I was weird for watching it every week. Just wanted to say that I am glad I am not alone.


April 2002

I'm Beng from the Philippines, and I to am an avid admirer of the movie. I've seen the movie about 10 times and I'm still planning to watch it more than that. I would say the movie is very inspiring. My favourite scene is when Wallace gave a speech to his countrymen, the famous words "They may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!!!". Whenever I see that scene it is as if I want to stand up and join them on the battlefield.

Vicky Wilson

April 2002



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I am just 12 years of age and already i am overwhelmed by the movie BRAVEHEART. Mel Gibson has captured the famous hero with such courage and dignity. I have watched the movie 22 times in the last month and every time it takes my breath away. When i am older I wish to go and see the monument in scotland and pick the thistle. After watching the movie I got more and more interested in William Wallace and started searching in libraries and on the net for more infomation. My mother is getting tired of my obsession with William Wallace, especially when I bought the album and am playing it 24/7.  Also I have got a big poster of him and I think of William as my inspiration. I have memorised the two speeches that William says in the movie...........

Warrior Poets
In the year of our lord 1314 patriots of Scotland starving and out numbered charged the fields of Bannokburn.
They fought like warrior poets, they fought like Scotsmen,
and won their freedom.

Fight and you may die
Fight and you may die, run and you'll live at least a while,
and dying in your beds, many years from now,
would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that
for one chance, just one chance!

to come back here and tell our enemies that they may
take our lives but they'll never take our FREEDOM!!!

from vicky wilson.

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