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Appeal of Braveheart - Page 3
9th May, 2001
What was so special about Braveheart? Email us, your 'appeal of Braveheart' message.

Miss A Whitfield ...
To me, Braveheart is without a doubt, the greatest film ever made. I remember my dad and brother went to the video shop to get a film out for us all to watch and they brought back Braveheart. I was annoyed because I wanted to watch another film, I don't remember what.
So we watched the film, I was dreading watching it as I didn't think it was my kind of film. But as soon as it started, with the haunting music and rolling camera shots, I was mesmerised. I didn't move through the whole film, I enjoyed it more than my brother and father.
It touched me in such a way, I actually cried when Wallace is massacred at the end of the film. I still do now everytime. When this film came out on video, my nana bought it for me as a Christmas present in around 1996. This was the best present I have ever been bought. I have watched in countless times, but I know I have gone into triple figures. I have the soundtrack, posters, newspaper articles on the film and the video as well as the dvd. I know each frame, each line, each facial expression and small detail of each part of the film. My friends hate watching with me because I recite the lines to myself. I look at Braveheart sites on the web, and find out more about it whenever I can. I sit and talk to my history teacher at school (I am only 15 by the way) and find out more, and I recently enjoyed the fact or fiction documentary on Channel 4. I would like to congratulate Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace, and everyone involved in making Braveheart. It touched me and many others and I love this work of art so much.
I doubt any film will ever be made better, and for me I know I will never love any film so much.
Thank you from me, and many others for bringing this story to life.
Miss A Whitfield 15 yrs, Cumbria, UK xx
December 2001


Devin Ermoian ...
I love Braveheart and Scotland. I study Robert de Bruce and Willam Wallace all the time and your web site brings it to life. It's a great site and I love the sound, it's beautiful.
December 2001


Alexander Cruickshank ...
Dear John and Linda,
I've just visited your site for the first time and must E mail you to say that it's probably the best site I've seen for a long time. Well done!

As a "local" (Linlithgow), it's heartening to read the questions section where so many people who stay abroad have been captivated not only by the BraveHeart movie but by the whole concept of freedom and Sir William Wallace. Keep up the good work. I'll visit your site often.
Sandy C

PS I didn't watch the "Tony Robinson" programme recently shown on TV as it probably would have "pissed me off".
December 2001


Catherine Zang ...
I am a Chinese, I love Braveheart and your web.

December 2001


Alexander ...
Hello there sir, My name is Alexander and I'm an aspiring screenwriter. I'm currently 19 years of age, and Braveheart is the best movie ever made; in that it brings to life the greatness, courage and sedulousness of Sir William Wallace, a man of such great attributes.
I've seen Braveheart 30 times and I know almost every single line there is. Braveheart as well as Sir William Wallace is a great inspiration to me. Personally, it compells me to reach for higher goals in life as well as having the courage and determinationn to achieve them.
Last of all, my one wish is that, as good and courageous a man as sir william Wallace was, I  become. And also I'll one day write a great epic screenplay that surpasses the magnitude of Braveheart all because of the inspiration this movie brought me.
Thanks for taking the time to read my email.
December 2001


Suri Ildikó ...
This is my favourite page because it is very-very good and I like Braveheart film and the story of William Wallace!
November 2001


Jessica Young ...
I hope you are doing well,especially Mel Gibson.
You were the best actor they could find for Brave Heart!!!
In my opinion Brave Heart is the best movie in
It is really interesting with Mel Gibsons accent
I am such a big fan of Brave Heart!!!!!
I would watch it all the time if I had it.

I don't even have the soundtrack to Brave Heart !!!!!!!!!!
I don't have very much room so I just want to say, you guys did a excellent job filming and directing this fabulous movie in the WORLD.
Say "hi" to Mel Gibson for Jessica Young /age:12

November 2001


PHGoutel ...

Your homepage is so great it's so sad that it's not in french!!
November 2001

[ Nous parlons Francais seulement un peu. J&L :) ]


Rui ...
Hi friends!! My name is Rui, I'm portuguese and live in Porto.
Only today I have saw this beautiful site on the greatest film ever made! (So sad for not knowing about the conventions...)
It's amazing how Mel Gibson's "BraveHeart" really inspire us and change our life in different ways. It's so good to be here and share my thoughts with someone that I know for sure that feels this way too.

The story of William Wallace really made me want to find out more about Scotland. About a month ago I went to Glasgow to se the match Celtic-Porto (I'm a football lover too, and fan of the great F.C. Porto) and get to know a little bit of the city... I didn't have time to go to Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Stirling or Bannockburn... and what a shame! But I'd promise to myself that my next vacations would be in Scotland!! This week the celts came here to my city to see the match... about 6 thousands scottish or irish "invaded" the city and it was amazing. You are really nice people... the best in the world!!!
What can I say more... the film is so incredibly big that it even made a Portuguese guy feel like Scottish every time he remembers it.

"Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it."

October 2001


Mark Pearce ...

Well, what can I say. It's the best film I've ever seen. I've been coming to Scotland for the last sixteen years. I am welsh but I'd rather like to live in Perthshire [Glenlyon]. What a beautiful country.
October 2001


mel-001.JPG (1346 bytes)

Mickey Johnson ...

The greatest movie ever made is without question "BRAVEHEART".
I have read a lot of stuff online taking issue with the historical accuracy of the movie; people have to remember it is a movie and not a documentary.
The greatness of this movie, other than the beautiful Sophie Marceau is that it takes an obscure legend (William Wallace) and brings it and the people of Scottland to life: the love, the war for freedom, the devisiveness of nobles and peasants, the unbelievable brutality of the period and the ultimate price for love and freedom.

It has awakened people all over the world to the richness and importance of Scottish history, and by the millions of people who desire to learn more, and the truth, on the legend of William Wallace,
Robert the Bruce and Scotland through the internet, books, or travelling to Scotland because of this movie, that is what makes it so great.

So few movies come along that capture people's imaginations, hearts and emotions, and
captivate them to follow up on the movie and the characters and the history surrounding it as BRAVEHEART has done.

So some liberties were taken with this movie, SO WHAT, all movies are like that, but if this movie got you thinking and researching, well then it did it's job and that's why it is the greatest of all time.

THANK YOU people of Scotland, William Wallace and Mel Gibson.

Mickey Johnson

from Alabama
June 2001


opening.JPG (1095 bytes)

Jenny Baker ...
I think you website is one of the best on the internet!
I am a regular visitor!
Today I've have just bought the Braveheart Soundtrack from the internet!
Yesterday I watched the film and cried buckets!!!
Congratulations on the great website

Love No.1 Braveheart fan!!
Jenny Baker

May 2001


Russell Maclean ...
I'd just like to say you have a great site. I was born and grew up in Australia and only recently became interested in my heritage. The movie Braveheart and learning about scottish oppression in history inspired me to trace my geneaology to the Isle of Skye where my great great grandfather and his father and his father's father were fishermen and blacksmiths. Learning about all the things achieved by my ancestors has given me a lifelong sense of pride for where my blood line came from.
Watching Braveheart I burst into tears several times. I'd just like to say I think your page is a great tribute to all who did fight and die for us and to the furthering of Scotland's Independence.
Top stuff..
Yours sincerely

Russell Maclean

"vincere vel mori" :)
April 2001


Greg Stuart ...
Dear Old Friend,
I can't really fully explain what it is that keeps me coming back.
It's not just my Scottish heritage  (Stuart of Bute clan, 11th generation since Duncan Stuart came to America, sometime between 1617 & 1717), not just my great appreciation of Mel Gibson's work, or just the appeal of a classic David v Goliath story. Certainly there are better directed films (Branagh's Henry V & Ian McKellan's Richard III come to mind), better acted films (witness Dame Judi Dench & Billy Connelly in Mrs. Brown, Sir Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson in Remains of the Day).
But what do I come back to time after time?
I have no idea how many times I've watched it, or listened to the music (to those interested, there is a 2nd soundtrack album, the exact title escapes me), I only know that I think of it as a dear old friend, flaws & all.  

Alba gu Brath.

Greg Stuart, Concord, N.H., U.S.
April 2001


Vixon4251 ...
The first time I saw the movie I was locked up in prison, so I was with a bunch of other prisioners, and I  could not believe the impact such a movie put on the entire room. The fact that a person like Sir William Wallace even existed was amazing. Now I'm out and I have it on DVD, I still watch it all the time.

BraveHeart made # 1 on my top ten list, second to The Gladiator which is no easy push over.

March 2001


Jeannine Drew ...
Hello there, my name is Jeannine and I absolutely adore the Braveheart movie. I own it, and watch it over and over. When I'm feeling down or worthless all I have to do is put this movie in and it makes me come alive and believe in myself and society as a whole. I just joined the internet craze. so I guess I'm a little behind the times.
I was wondering if there is any way that I could buy a thistle, just like the one in the movie? I have a tatto over my heart of a thistle, and I would realy love to own a real one.If there is any way possible please advise.
I love your web site, what a wonderful and inspiring thing to do for all of us William Wallace fans.

Oh by the way, my father's name is William also.


March 2001


Kevin McIntyre ...
Outstanding :)

I must say just a fantastic site you have dedicated to the worlds best movie ever..:)

I will apologize for the late coming to this site ... 'I have been a Fan since the movie came out and I don't know why until now that I am to find your site. I have emailed my entire Family and informed them that you are here.

Once again Thank You for our hearts and spirts on your work..............
Light and Peace
Kevin McIntyre

March 2001


Jon Lewis ...
Hey, what's up! I just want to comment on how good that site is and how you are keeping the Wallace legacy in a website. I still think he is the strongest fighter, and he fought with passion.
Email me back - Jon
November 2000


Liz ...
Hi my name is Liz. I'm in 9th grade and I'm 14. I'm in so much love with your movie. I pretty much watch it everyday ... I know alot of stuff on it. No one else in my family knows more than me. Just wanted to say thank you for making/helping with this movie.

November 2000


Stephen John Moore ...
Its good to see other people have been motivated by the movie even though it stretches the truth a we bit. My name is Stephen John Moore of the Clan Campbell Of Argyll . I'm a true patriot of Scotland like yourselves and would like to congratulate you on a great site.
I have a few friends who have the same passion about our great country and we are interested in finding out about any gatherings you may be organising whether it be a ceilidh or a St Andrews dinner.
You take care now, I will visit again.

The Campbells from the next Glen .

November 2000


Greg White ...
The movie stirred my Scottish blood and the same spirit that my ancestors endured in the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865). The never-ending warfare we wage against tyranny in all of its forms.

A Cousin in America

November 2000


Ben Stuart ...
I support ya! Alba gł brath! Many greetings from Germany.

October 2000


Sneezeobubble ...
I just wanted to say I love your website, and Braveheart is a kick ass film.
Thank you.

October 2000


Marina ...
Just would like to let you know that it is a wonderful website and was deeply moved to see it as well.
The movie made a huge impact on my life and I am grateful for folks like you to keep it alive!!!!!!

October 2000


Lee Campbell ...
My name is Lee Campbell and Braveheart is my favourite film of all time.
Not only am I a history nut but also a great film fan and this film has got to be one of the best films ever made! The reason why I like the film so much is because not only is it an interesting subject but also because the film is executed (pardon the pun) with emotion, power, and real feeling. You can believe the characters and what is happening to them, not the usual bullshit - sorry! - that Hollywood dishes up for the masses. Forget Star Wars, Lost in Space, Scream, Phantom Menace  and all the other crap we usually end up with, this film Braveheart speaks from within, and also puts a worthwhile message across that all that other dross can't muster.
Now I'm not going to bore everyone with a long winded speech about my favourite bits of the film no!, the fact that people have bothered to enter the MacBraveHeart web site is enough to say that Braveheart has a huge following. So I will just mention one part of the film that really gets my rocks off! the part where William Wallace shouts freedom and then looks over to where Stephen and Hamish are standing in the crowd, to see Murron walking behind them smiling at William and William's reaction. It's that piece of choir music together with that great moment in movie history that gets me in the guts every time, yes o.k I cry - who doesn't. So please Mr Hollywood can we have some more of these great movie moments. Awesome!.

October 2000


AngelMoon ...
Hey Braveheart is my favorite movie.
I love that movie.
And Mel Gibson is the best actor in the world.

October 2000


Marco Sim Puay Kait ...
Hi everyone ...
Though I saw the movie only once ...
But it really made a really great impact on my life ...
It started me thinking of my own life...

And I'm glad that the life of William Wallace changed my perspective of life ...
And the timing when I saw this show couldn't be better - it was during my national service ...
Few shows could move me to tears ...
BRAVEHEART was surely the top of the list ...

July 2000


Derek Sproul ...

I am just e-mailing U to say this is a good web-site.
I live in Wallace Avenue which is in Elderslie the birthplace of William Wallace. I am about 200 metres from his birth place and I am always looking for new information on Sir Willam.

I will recommend this to many other people who love William Wallace like I do.

July 2000
Elderslie Wallace monument ...
B25K25C25 ...
I love the movie. It really inspired me. Mel Gibson did a terrific job.

July 2000


Rocky ...
My name is Rocky,and I'm living in Los Angeles, California.
I found this site by accident, and I have to say it's great!
I had no idea that there were so many fellow Braveheart fans out there. I got to the point that I thought I might be a bit weird with my enthusiasm+love for this movie, but I guess there's other people who think like me!
Braveheart is NOT a movie, it IS more like a work of art, the way it takes you through this time in history.
Before Braveheart I knew absolutely nothing about Scottish history (I'm born+raised in Germany). The movie changed all of that.
Also I think that Braveheart gives you a lot of great guidlines for your way through the every-day-battle called life. To be persistent, to believe, to be loyal+honest to yourself! I could go on for hours.
To all of you warrior poets-

July 2000


Julie Haddock ...
Hi there
Great site!
An English lass born and bred, I had no real history lessons re: Scotland. I always wondered what the fuss was all about as regards country boundaries etc. It was only when I watched the Premier of BH on telly, that I had any understanding at all. Granted A LOT of artistic license was used - but the essence of the story was there - I must admit that I felt initially ashamed to be English. I found it difficult to believe that we could be so unjust. I am proud to be English now though - we cannot be responsible for our ancestors (or past monarchs!) but I am so sorry for what my ancestors have done to the Scottish people - especially during the time of William Wallace. Having said that, I know there are always two sides to every story, but I wish to share with you that I thank the makers of Braveheart - all involved - for addressing this lack of 'history knowledge' and that I have a far greater understanding of how the Scottish, Irish and Welsh feel about their land.

June 2000


Mike Rose ...
Well, there are more crazy people in the world.
I thought that I was the only one.
I've seen the movie many, many times and wanted to write a book on how it relates to corporate America.
I will be watching the website for more crazy ideas, thank you for being out there.

Mike Rose
June 2000


Robert the Brewster ...
We are a couple of Scots living in Cork , Ireland.
Love your site.
We have robbed a couple of pics for our site:
See Craic section and the Sin E pub, under Pub section, hope you don't mind. We will link to you.
Here's tae us,
Wha's like us,
Damn few,
An they're aw deid!

Robert the Brewster
June 2000

This is Cork ...
Cosmin Nechita ...
I saw Braveheart. Fascinating movie!
Everything that a fighter for freedom should do is illustrated in this picture.
We have national heroes here, in Romania. Some of them were like William Wallace, some different. But they did have a lot in common with this man.

June 2000


Aaron ...
Every person has a story they have been exposed to that truly touches their heart and soul. Braveheart is that story for me.
With each viewing I become more and more entranced by the outpouring of emotion and unparalleled portrayal of heroism. Braveheart truly embodies the purest human forms of love, sacrifice, passion and pride. It is easy to forget it is only a story.
Although Mel Gibson was the headlining star, every character in the film gave a spectacular performance. Without the brutal infamy of the king, the rivalry would have been soft. As one of the other reviews noted, I feel the scene with young Murron presenting young William with the thistle is possible the most powerful, emotional scenes in film history.
The phenomenal score composed by James Horner definitely had a great impact on that scene and throughout the film.
We must all be inspired this story. We must always remember that it is pure things in life that matter, and effect us the most. In the end love, companionship, passion and pride are of far greater value than money, material, and status.
"Every man dies, not every man really lives"

June 2000


Simon Tinley ...
I love the site, it is my default web page! I have been in Canada for about 10 months on a work VISA and they have shown Braveheart on the TV twice already, they love it over here!!!

June 2000


Robert ...
My Dear Friends,
What can I say about the effect Braveheart has had on me? What words can I express that will tell of the experience of my heart? As I watched the story unfold before my eyes, I felt my soul drawn into the scenes before me. I stood by and stroked young William's hair as his father and brother rode off to a would be meeting. My heart broke with Malcom as he saw his countrymen hanging in that barn. Tears welled in my eyes as I held William in my heart's embrace to comfort him at that terrible sight. I stood beside William at the graves of his father and brother and felt the cords of my heart rend as little Murran offered him the Flower of Scotland to help ease his pain. I felt a lift of hope when Argyll took charge of young William and led him onto the path of wisdom and knowledge. I saw the spark of future fire in William's eyes as he held his uncle's claymore on high as though he already knew his destiny laid out before him. I was so touched by deep warmth and joy at the sight of William and Hamish meeting for the first time in years ... friends for a lifetime. William's revelation of himself to the lady Murron with the flower she gave him as a child cause my heart to leap as hers did as she realized who it was that had captured her heart ... again. Their quick courtship and secret wedding was the stuff of faerie dreams and legends untold but by the wonderful Gaelic bards of long ages past. And as her throat was cut, so my heart tore into pieces and scattered to the wind and I could then see nothing, but only feel the deep pain and darkness of a love so quickly and savagely taken as it only began to bloom. William avenged the death of his lifelong love and took up arms to vanquish the nation that had wreaked havoc upon his country. A passion great and dark and powerful welled up in the heart of William Wallace. His determination could not be squelched or his resolve dampened even by his own countrymen who would dare bargain with the evil forces that had corrupted the land of his nativity. Great pride filled my chest as William led his counrtymen at the Battle of Stirling Bridge to a stirring victory. I felt his sword in my hand for the rest of the film, slaying the enemy before me. I felt the exasperation and anguish of disbelief as William saw the face of betrayal in one he had trusted, whose word he had honored, Robert the Bruce. How could this be!? It was as if a horrible nightmare had manifested itself before William's very eyes. But, as always, William pressed on, even if with the help of the one who had betrayed him. William went on to stir the hearts of all his countrymen to freedom and even as he lay dying his one prayer, one word was for the FREEDOM of the Scotland he so dearly loved. His dying wish was realized on the fields of Bannockburn as the warrior poets of Alba won their freedom. The story of William Wallace is a love story of the deepest kind. Love of the woman who captured his heart and of the land of his birth that cared so much for him and kept his heart beating strongly all his life. This is what Braveheart meant to me.

May 2000


Therese Fitzrandolph ...
Hi John and Linda!
Happy Anniversary .... yes ... today is the anniversary of the release date of the finest film ever made!! We Braveheart fans here in San Diego, California are celebrating in fine Scottish fashion.
Your website looks beautiful ... I haven't looked at it in a couple years.

May 2000


Angela ...
Well what can I say.
I was dumbfounded when I came across your site.
I had not realised how many people Braveheart had touched and affected in some way. I must admit, being a proud Scottish girl, I was moved by Mr Gibson's performance and the emotions it stirred in my household.
My husband is actually English, which as any of you Scots out there will know, is a big deal to live in Scotland!!
But give him credit, at the end of the movie he turned to me and said "You should be so proud of your heritage" and you can bet your life that I am.
"They may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom"

May 2000


Jamie Jacobs ...
If there was any way at all for me to do it, I'd attend the Wallace 2000 convention. My ancestor, an Earl of Fyfe (of the Clan MacDuff), died on the battlefield at Wallace's side. He was one of Wallace's right-hand men and I will be forever proud of that. I applaud your efforts to honor the great events precipitated by the great man borne of the great Scottish people! His brave heart continues to inspire people all around the world.
Jaime Jacobs, California, USA

April 2000


Robert D Lang ...
I have recently been connected to the internet and have come across your wonderful site. Please add me to any e-mail list you may have as I am keen to keep up to date with any Braveheart news. The film itself was so moving for me that I have watched it on several occasions and still get the old tingle down the back of the neck and the tears still flow as much as the first viewing.


Albert Maza ...
My name is Albert Maza, but my friends call me McMazius. I'm from Catalonia (where a lot of heroes were fighting for our freedom).

Actually I'm living in Din Eidyn (Edinburgh) ALBA, but soon I'll go to Fort William to start a new job. I've a celt spirit and Alba always liked me, when I was a child, but now, to know about the history of Scotland and William Wallace as well, was the last reason to come here.
I'm looking the energy of the old warriors, the spirit of Wallace to fight in my country for my life. My first time, here, was very hard, in expensive city, looking for a job, accomodation, but something inside my heart pushed me to do my dream, and I fought a lot, and now I gonna do one of my best dreams in my live ... To arrive to the Highlands.
Most of the time I think that the spirit of Wallace always has been with me in this personal fighting and now, I wanna say : Thank you, very much Sir William Wallace, because you have been my inspiration to fight against my problems in the life.

Thank you very much and Freedom against the Imperialism.

Greetings from : Albert Maza (McMazius)
April 2000


Evelyn Ortega ...
My name is Evelyn Ortega, I am from of Mexico City I live in Veracruz, I like very much have friends, I write English a few, but I hope you understand me, I opened the page in internet of Braveheart, I love you Mel Gibson, Braveheart, I like it very much this film ( William ), My father was mariner, he went to Scotland, He say to me "Scotland is wonderful" I believe it !!

April 2000


Tommy Bakken ...
First of all, I must say thank you very much for a really great site.
And if it's not too much to ask, I would really like it if you could post my following comment on your site, under the appeal messages section. :-)
Here is my comment:
I'm a 22 year old Norwegian guy, and strangely enough, I first saw the movie "Braveheart" a couple of months back, when it was shown at one of the Norwegian broadcasting networks. I had wanted to see the movie since it was released back in '95, but for some reason I never got to see it until now.
No matter what, from the beginning of the movie, you can tell that there's something special about 'Braveheart'. I can't really find the words to describe what makes it so great, but it has so much passion, so much emotion, combined with excellent acting, wonderful photography, and one magnificent story (even though not entirely correct, historically speaking). And when you add one of the best soundtracks ever composed (James Horner is the best soundtrack-composer in my opinion), then you have it: A masterpiece of a movie, filled with both suspence, drama, romance, love, hate, passion, intrigue and sadness ... and the battlescenes!? Has there ever been put on tape battlescenes which makes you just freeze of suspense, and which look so extremely realistic?
I haven't got words to tell you how much I love the movie. After I watched it the first time, I had to get both the movie on home-video, and the soundtrack-CD, and so far I've seen the film 9 times, and I'm just totally into it each time I watch it. The only other movie which is able to pull me so deeply into the story, is Titanic. The latter is also the only other movie which gets me so deeply emotional. In several scenes of Braveheart, I just can't stop my tears from running. Like for instance the part where Wallace nearly kills the "English knight" in the end of the battle at Falkirk, only to find out that it's actually Robert the Bruce hiding under the helmet, and that he's the one behind the betrayal. The totally shocked look on Wallace' face just make you wanna cry. And of course, during the torture of Wallace in London, where he yells out "Freedom!!!" before he dies, that's also so sad and emotional.
Ever since I've seen Braveheart, I've just been hooked on knowing more about William Wallace, and the fight for Scotland's freedom, and the whole historical background. AND more about Scotland in general. (Even though I'm 100 percent Norwegian, and have no Scottish blood in me, it's fascinating stuff. And the Scotish accent is really cool!) And it's fascinating to learn more about what really happened back then as well. Even if it's not a very well known fact, I've also stumbled over information which stated that at both the battles of Stirling Bridge, and Bannockburn, some Norwegian warriors fought side by side with the Scots. From what I've read, the number of Norwegian troops were about 200 men at both Stirling and Bannockburn. (Not a lot, no, but I'm sure they showed the English the meaning of true Viking-power! *grin*) Anyway, I thought that was very fascinating to learn.
Anyway, to not make this comment TOO long, I will finish my statement by saying that I think your site is very good; a very good source for finding more info about William Wallace and Scotland's fight for it's freedom from the English. Good work! :-)
Tommy the Viking

March 2000


Anthony McGuffie ...
I am 31 years old and living in England.  I was born in Glasgow, a fact that I am intensely proud of.  I come from a family of Scots, many of whom are also living here in England. 
We came to England through circumstance and not choice when I was 7 years old.    My schooling here taught me, from what I remember, the history of England and I can't recall Scotland being explored at all, although maybe in fleeting mentions.   I always knew where I was from and was always reminded of it by my father who was patriotic though not a wholehearted nationalist.  I am ashamed to say that I was quite ignorant of Scottish history and WILLIAM WALLACE until BRAVEHEART. 
This film awakened something in me that was always there but had been blunted and distorted by my years in England.  A pounding heart and an indescribable feeling of love for my country that I had almost forgotten or unlearned was  unleashed by BRAVEHEART and I will never be so inspired by a film in my whole life. 
I immediately made amends for those years of ignorance by becoming something of an expert on WALLACE.  I became obsessed with the thirst for more knowledge and now have countless books and a tattoo!!  I forgive Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace for their slight inaccuracies in the film which have been pounced on by critics who feel they just have to criticize because it's their job.
BRAVEHEART has struck a chord all over the world with many different peoples, probably more so with Scots for obvious reasons.  This film DID change my life and I owe it a great gratitude for saving me from losing touch with what and who I really am.  We all know it is special, and why it is special for us individually, and that is all that matters .

Braveheart ...

March 2000


Will ...
I think for most people the appeal for Braveheart is the enthralling story.  People can actually relate to the story because it really happened. It was amazing to see the story re-enacted so perfectly.



Sharon Lyall ...
I would very much like to receive your newsletter.  I am a first timer on your wonderful webpage of which I shall visit often.  I too have been strongly impacted by BRAVEHEART.  The sheer poetic lyricism is awesome and inspiring; one has the desire    to go out into the world and perform great feats! 
I have viewed the film twice at the cinema and own the video.  Thanks for being "out there'! 
Sharon Lyall

March 2000


Danielle ...
Hello My name is Danielle and I live in the USA.  I first saw Braveheart in December 1999, when my Social Studies class watched it. Ever since I saw Braveheart, I've become a fanatic!  I made my parents go out and buy the movie, and even the soundtracks to the movie.  No other movie can affect me the way Braveheart does.
No matter how much I try, I cannot stop myself from crying, when poor Wallace shouts his last word: FREEEEEEEDDDDDOMMMMMMMM, I can not help from bawling. There are so many parts in the movie that I cry, but that is the worse part.  I feel so bad for Wallace when he is betrayed by The Bruce ..... the look on his face. The whole second half of the movie I cry, thinking of all Wallace's hard work, and then in the end he gets betrayed.

It's just so sad. I feel like I'm a part of Wallace. I just love the movie so much.    And the music is another thing. The music is what helps make the movie seem even more emotional. Even when I listen to the soundtrack, I can't help from crying. I'd like to thank you for keeping Braveheart alive, and I'd like to thank everyone who made Braveheart - the best movie EVER.  I'd especially like to thank Mel Gibson.  He did the best job playing Wallace. 

Long live Braveheart!!!!!!!
March 2000


Karen Baurichter ...
I think this movie helps to portray what we as Scots have as our own source of freedom.    William Wallace helped free Scotland and for that we should all be grateful.
I am mostly Scottish and my great-grandmother was from Edinburgh.

The site is also wonderful, thanks for keeping the Scottish spirit alive!!!!!

Karen Baurichter
Renton, Washington

March 2000


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