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16th November 2000

Ask or tell us about the Wallace Clan, and we'll add the information to this page.

Wallace Clan

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Associated surnames: Wallis, Walls
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The name of Wallace is likely derived from Walensis, meaning a Briton from the Strathclyde region of Scotland, where the people were from the same origins as the Welsh.

Richard Walensis lived at Riccarton, near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, in the 1160's. His grandson, Adam Walays, had two sons, Adam and Malcolm. Malcolm is assumed to have been the father of the hero William Wallace.

William Wallace was born around 1274 and was drawn into the campaign for Scottish Independence, after the death of King Alexander III in 1286. He was betrayed and executed in London in 1305. He had no male heirs, but the Wallace family continued, and several branches of it still exist today.


Jillean Wallace ...
I would like to find out more about information regarding the Wallace clan and where they migrated to in the United States. I will gladly accept any and all information that you have.

Clay W. Stauffer...
I'm interested in any information about Wallaces in the Wheeling, West Virginia area around the time of the Civil War. My great-grandfather, Henry Clay Wallace, was a soldier at that time.

Pat Rogers ...
My grandmother on my father's side was a Wallace. Her granfather's name was Hiram Alexander Wallace, born in Tennessee in early 1800's. He was a volunteer during the Indian War in Florida. Don't know any thing beyond this! So I might, and I might not be of "the" Wallace clan!
My name is Pat Rogers and my email address is gscouts@lightspeed.net.

R L Wallace ...
Is there a geneological listing of Wallaces anywhere? How does one go about tracing a particular ancestor. My Grandfather was Nathan Wallace who was a teacher in the US but who presumably came from Scotland sometime late in the 19th century. I would like to know how to trace his origins.