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(Updated 18th April, 2014)

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Robert Nielsen ...

Braveheart was a movie that mesmerized me. The first time I saw it I got so into it, and got so tied in emotionally with the characters, that I was feeling the same way they were. I felt frustration, hate, anger and sorrow.
I silently thought serves him right whenever an English noble or soldier was killed. I'm glad that this movie was released. It is the best Movie ever produced, no other movie, has had such a greater impact as Braveheart.
May his legend live on.

Irene Duffy ...

Three days before the Opening of 'Braveheart" two friends of mine got married (finally), no it had not been planned that way. She wanted a Tudor wedding his reply was "That's fine for the ladies dear, me and the guys are wearing kilts that's final!" So the Bride and attendants were in Full Tudors and the Groom and attendants were in Grrrrreaaat Kilts, with proper Leines underneath and satin & velvet Dublets piped with their favorite color over the Leines. All the proper accoutrements had been obtained in the previous six months. A grand Time was had by all as the bride and groom had encouraged the guests to wear suitable clothes for such a wedding.

Three days later, the groom starts making "the Call". 'Get back into your wedding clothes and meet at the theater we are going to the 6pm show for . . . Braveheart!!!' Much laughing and scrambling by everyone as the whole wedding party made ready for the event. We showed up and the crowd went wild.
We sailed into the theater(ladies properly on the arms of the gentlemen) sat 15th row center, two couples got up to let us have 'center stage' as it were.

When it was over we recessed as we had processed.

The ladies hit the privy and that was where the comment was overheard as three teenie boppers were entering the washroom. "Oh my God they're wearing Kilts! With those little knives" Much scatalogical commentary
was heard until we almost in unison exited out stalls. The teenies fell into an awed respectful silence as the bride and we attendants washed up and majestically exited the privy.

We got another ovation as we left the theater and several people stopped us to find out where they could get outfits like ours. We didn't have a problem with the weaponary because we knew the cop on duty and all the
weapons were 'peace bonded'.

Karen Bryant ...

I didn't realize there were so many Braveheart fans! Unfortunately, I did not see it in the movie theater, but instead on video. My husband and I saw it in a unique way though. He put in the second part first and for about an hour into the movie we couldn't figure out what was going on. I thought the story was moving very fast until I realized what was wrong. Needless to say this was not an ideal way to see such a fantastic movie. After looking over this site I am going straight to the video
store and renting Braveheart. This time we will play it in the correct order.

Karen Elizabeth Stewart Bryant
Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina

John Dillon ...

As a Scot, from Cowdenbeath, I was amazed at how powerful and proud the movie made me feel. Our history is filled with kilts and castles, all bullshit, it was nice to see some reality.

Luke Keppler ...

Braveheart is the best movie to ever be made! After my brother talked me into seeing it, I finally saw it right before it left the theatres. I am sooooo glad I saw it on a big screen. Nothing is more impressive on the big screen than the formation of heavy-armored Englishmen stomping forward.
The entire movie, including the intense soundtrack, left me with my mouth wide open, in awe. I cried for the first time at a movie. My heart was pounding so hard, I felt like I actually was fighting in the battles. I would actually die for freedom, if I could. I get chills every few seconds while watching this film because it is so well created. It is a masterpiece.

Jens Landin ...

Braveheart is probably the best movie ever made. No other movie can make me feel so happy, sad, proud, aroused and yet so calm at the same time.

It's a masterpiece (of course you already knew that, I mean we wouldn't be here otherwise).

The movie is full of special scenes and fantastic lines. But my absolute favourite line, probably cause it hits me right in the face, is the princess' when she says: "C'est l'amour, je ne sais rien." mmm... I love it. (Honestly I must say that her looks may have affected me.)

I've watched the film about 6 to 8 times (haven't exactly counted as I'm not trying to set some kind of record) and I listen to the soundtrack regurarly.

Best wishes from Sweden
24th August, 1997]

Tim Leith ...

I have had a verbal Braveheart experience. Me and my friend love Braveheart, and after we got done watching it, I said (without really thinking about it) "I love Braveheart." Then I thought about that and said, "Always have." We both laughed for awhile. It was pretty cool.

Bob Mathews ...

has too be the best movie I've ever seen, but I just couldn't force myself to stay till the very end, having done some research on William Wallace, I knew what the outcome of the movie would be, and having fell in love with him during the movie I just couldn't bare to watch him die....well done Mel!!

Sam MacRoberts ...

I'll make this short. My brother went to college in Stirling. My family visited there and we all loved it. We also loved Braveheart! Got to go but I'd love to hear from ya.

Kathleen McDonald ...

I must say, I love movie! Though I am only about a quarter Scottish, I identify the most with my Scottish ancestors. I think Mel Gibson did the character of William Wallace justice; he is a wonderful actor but I won't go into that.

The first time I saw the movie, I sobbed for about the last quarter. The passion in this movie is probably what gives it its amazedness (yes that is a word). Words can't describe the pride I feel about my Scottish blood after watching this movie.
My friends couldn't understand why I cried so much, but my family does.

I just wanted to offer my opinion. I realize this entry is rather rambling, but I just LOVE Braveheart and I LOVE Scotland!!!


M. Momb ...


David Murray ...

I just saw the movie for the first time four days ago. I rented the Laserdisc from the moviestore. It was so intense, I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen until the last bit.. It has been 4 days and I can't stop thinking about it. I could not bear to watch it again knowing the fate of Wallace... (I have a weak stomach!)

Mukda Narongsak ...

It's make me want to know more about what going on in Scotland's history. Mel did a really good job. I never see any movie this good in my life.

Robinson ...

Braveheart is without a doubt the best movie I have ever seen. I family origons date back to scotland with my mother being a Campbel, and by father a Robinson. Mel Gibson has definitly captured the heart in braveheart. Anyone who has not seen this movie is a little behind the times.... CATCH UP!!!!!

Ryan ...

I've seen Braveheart 3 times in the theater, and to be honest with you, it gets somewhat boring the third time you've seen it, for I have already memorized the script. Not only that, but my ass gets sore after sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 3 and a half hours.

[Not half as sore as William Wallace got, dying for his country! - J&L]

Heather Sandoval ...

I am one of the many few who have seen Braveheart only once...but what an experience. I was sobbing when I came out of the movie-house, yet was moved by the bravery and strength of William and the clansmen who joined him. It is now on videotape here in the U.S. and I shall be purchasing it very soon.
I left the restraints of the theatre, as it were, and became a part of the movie. It was real, and I felt it. It is an experience I shall never forget, and I came out of the movie wishing I could do something, anything to avenge his wrongful death. I realize this may sound silly or strange, but that's how moving the movie was.

Douglas Wells Scott ...

Hi, I'm Scottish and I loved the movie Brave Heart. I've seen it twice and plan to buy it as soon as it is released.

Have you ever been to the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain in Linville North Carolina. If not you should make the trip. There are hundreds of clans represented each year in July. I can get the dates if you would like. Maybe you could put them on the net.

Douglas Wells Scott ...

I went to see Braveheart for the fourth time yesterday. I have never been so moved by a single movie in my life. I also own the CD, and I absolutely love it. It's nice to see that people actually like well made movies, in an age of a lot of Hollywood garbage.

Tina Tan ...

Hi!! Well, if you're asking how many times I've seen Braveheart, it's a record breaking,......2 times! I loved the movie but watching it over and over and over and over again, NAH! AS I said, fantastic movie, but I think I cherish it more, by not watching it too many times and get bored!

Congrats on a fantastic homepage.


Carolyn Tubbs ...

I, too, loved "Braveheart." I've lived in the Midwest (St. Louis, Missouri) for most of my life, but would choose Scotland as the first place to visit if I was given the chance to go anywhere in the world. My mother is a Campbell, but I don't know a thing about her ancestry (I hope that doesn't offend you!). You have a beautiful country. Can you please send me some information about your holiday spots? I don't know if I will ever be able to make use of it, but it is a goal.

Thanks for the information!

Norine Walmsley ...

My name is Norine Walmsley, and I just saw Braveheart last weekend. When my husband and I went, I had only had about 3 and 1/2 hours of sleep the previous night, and I was afraid that, since the movie was so long, I might be tempted to doze off during it. Ha! The film caught my attention in the first few minutes, and my eyelids never once thought about drooping! It is men like William Wallace, who do what they know to be right no matter what the danger to them, who change the course of history for the better. As we just saw the movie this weekend, and as our VCR is broken, we have only seen it once, but I am sure that the first time was not the only time. This movie was an incredible experience!

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