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(ink on cartridge)

"The Spirit of Wallace stands
guard over the Abbey Craig"

(computer-generated image)

Battle of Prestonpans – the Riggonhead Night March
On the eve of battle, the Jacobite army secretly moves to take up position to the east
of the assembled government forces in preparation for a surprise attack timed for dawn.

Battle of Prestonpans
The Jacobites rush in to overwhelm the government army, with Clan Cameron capturing the enemy artillery.
The government line begins to falter and will soon dissolve into a complete rout.

Battle of Prestonpans– the surrender of Cockenzie House
The earlier battle lost, the detachment of government troops left guarding General
Cope’s baggage train at nearby Cockenzie House are persuaded to surrender.

Battle of Prestonpans– incident at Tranent Manse
The mortally wounded Colonel Gardner is nursed in secret upstairs at Tranent Manse as Jacobites, drunk on the slaughter
on the field, arrive to search for redcoats who have escaped the battle. They are distracted by the offer of a hot meal and
some wine. The colonel died of his horrific wounds soon after, despite the bravery and care of the two Jenkinson sisters.

The Jacobites first victory over Government forces
at Prestonpans, 21st September 1745
(acrylic on board)

In the early summer of 1297, William Wallace led a force of Scottish patriots north to defeat a
war band of Irish mercenaries loyal to the English king. Here he contemplates tactics at the
Pass of Brander, Loch Awe.


Battle of Stirling Bridge
On the morning of September 11th 1297 the combined Scottish forces of William Wallace
 and Andrew de Moray inflicted a devastating defeat upon the numerically superior English
army on the boggy ground at the bridge over the River Forth near Stirling.

March on Stirling Bridge
The combined forces of William Wallace and Andrew de Moray take positions upon the Abbey
Craig near Stirling, nervously awaiting victory or death against the oncoming English army.

The Black Douglas
Sir James, “the good” or “the black” Douglas directs the left wing of the Scottish army
on the second day of the Battle of Bannockburn, Monday 24th June, 1314.

Brothers, Glencoe
Deer gather on the lower slopes of Glencoe.

Tioram Castle
Ancient seat of the Clanranald MacDonalds, Loch Moidart

Sir William Wallace : Guardian of the Realm
In late 1297, William Wallace was knighted and proclaimed Guardian of the Realm
along with Andrew de Moray. Soon, however, de Moray was dead and Wallace
had to rule a troubled, disunited kingdom on his own.


Thin Lizzy
The inspirational rock band at their peak.

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